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About Us ~

What do you get when an experienced remodeling contractor/field superintendent marries an experienced executive assistant? You have a couple who share confidence in their areas of expertise and bring solid skills to the partnership.

You have a remodeling, home improvement and repair business called Castle Renovations. With this dynamic team, you'll receive quality craftsmanship and dependable back-office support for your project.

Field Operations Manager/Owner: Keith Scott's father was a general contractor and he learned the trade with him. Keith has worked in the construction industry over 30 years and has the ability to envision a job completed before it's even started.

Besides "doing" the work, he can perform as your superintendent to supervise other trades. He knows how to "talk their talk" and make sure you are getting the results you expect. He has supervised projects from extensive residential remodeling to multi-million dollar renovations such as the Holiday Inn Resort Hotel on Clearwater Beach, Florida. These are highlights of Keith's career:

  • Supervised large commercial and residential projects from the ground up in wood, block and steel.
  • Supervised a $5 million renovation of a 9-story, 145-room resort hotel on Clearwater Beach, Florida.
  • Built multi-million dollar luxury, custom homes on the intercostal in Tampa Bay, Florida.
  • Rebuilt structures damaged by fires, hurricanes and sinkholes.
  • Restaurant renovations - Kmart, Red Lobster, Burger King, ABC Liquor Stores, IBM up-fits.
  • Remodeled a residence that received an offer for the full asking price just six days on the market.
  • Built custom log gazebos and decks.
  • Maintained a solid working relationship with the subcontractors and building officials.
  • Performed as the first line of contact for the project owners.
  • Managed and maintained schedules for projects.
  • Coordinated and scheduled subcontractors.
  • Minimized delays and deficiencies for the successful completion of the job.

Business Manager: Heidi Scott has worked in business administration over 30 years enjoying the challenges and rewards of running an efficient office. These are highlights of Heidi's career:

  • Worked in areas of law, securities, construction, real estate and marketing.
  • Supported CEOs, presidents, senior vice presidents and business owners.
  • Managed executive calendars, travel arrangements, meeting minutes and department overhead budgets.
  • Developed operations procedures, forms and websites (including this one)
  • Planned events from meetings to formal dinners of 150.
  • Owned and managed rental property for 17 years.
  • Owned and operated a wallpapering business for 8 years.
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